Monday, September 26, 2022

An MLIR-based Intermediate Representation for Accelerator Design with Decoupled Customizations

Hongzheng Chen and Niansong Zhang presenting on Wed. 9/28/22.

The increasing specialized accelerators deployed in data centers and edge devices call for the need of generating high-performance accelerators efficiently. However, the custom processing engines, memory hierarchy, data type, and data communication, complicate the accelerator design. In this talk, we will present our MLIR-based accelerator IR HCL, which decouples the algorithm and hardware customizations at the IR level. We will provide several case studies to demonstrate how our IR can support a wide range of applications, how our IR primitives can be composed with different designs, and how we can achieve high performance and productivity at the same time. Finally, we will discuss the benefits and ongoing efforts of our work.